R&M offers hydrographic surveying services tailored to meet project needs. Our hydrographic services include multibeam and single beam bathymetry, backscatter/seafloor imaging, tidal/water level determinations, and coastal/offshore positioning. R&M has an NSPS/THSOA Certified Hydrographer and Professional Land Surveyors on every project. We can also pair our bathymetry with mobile laser scanning or aerial drone LiDAR for seamless three-dimensional models.

This service includes:

  • Port and Harbor Surveys
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Marine Design and Construction Support
  • Coastal/Beach/Erosion Surveys
  • Dredge Monitoring and Support/Volume Calculations
  • Pipeline/Cable Surveys
  • Oil and Gas Support
  • Floodplain and reservoir capacity determination
  • Geospatial analysis

Hydrographic Team

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