R&M’s water resources team offers a full spectrum of hydrology and hydraulics services in support of civil infrastructure projects. We provide Alaska-specific expertise across all stages of project development – from pre-project planning and concept development, through design, construction and post-construction monitoring.

R&M provides the following hydrologic and hydraulic expertise:

  • Data Collection (stream gaging, flow measurements, geomorphology assessments)
  • Hydrologic Analyses (flood studies, low flow and duration flow analyses, stream basin studies, spring breakup studies, storm water runoff computations, climate change-related hydrologic projections)
  • Erosion Analyses (bank migration studies, erosion assessments, sediment transport computations)
  • Hydraulic Analyses (bridge, culvert, storm drain system, open-channel hydraulics)
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design (stream crossing structures, fish passage culverts, erosion control, storm drain systems)
  • Stream Restoration, Relocation and Reclamation (stream bank restoration, stream realignment and relocation, placer-mined valley reclamation)
  • Senior Review and Oversight (third-party reviews of hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and field programs)

Hydrology Team

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