Our Favorite Clients View R&M as a Trusted Partner

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R&M values fairness, integrity, collaboration and trust. Our favorite clients view R&M as a trusted partner, a team they can collaborate with to deliver projects that improve the day-to-day lives of Alaskans. We share a mutual respect with clients who understand the firm’s commitment to delivering superior projects and all-around best value.

Qualifications-Based Selection

  • R&M is a vocal advocate for the use of Qualifications Based Selection (QBS), which means clients select consultants based on qualifications. Cost is negotiated after the most qualified team has been selected.
  • QBS is the mandated procurement process in federal agencies, nearly all states (including Alaska) and many local governments throughout the country.
  • Through QBS, Owners can work collaboratively with the selected team to fully define the project scope, which fosters innovative, cost and time saving approaches to project challenges. To read more about QBS and how it results in better projects, please visit the ACEC QBS Resource Center

R&M does not have a goal of being the least expensive engineering firm in Alaska. Instead, we focus on creating lasting solutions at the best value for our clients.

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