R&M offers a full range of geological services in support of infrastructure projects throughout Alaska. Drawing on decades of local knowledge, we are able to develop a clear understanding of site geological conditions for use in planning and design of new projects or in support of construction. R&M’s geologists are experts in coordinating and managing the logistical challenges of performing field work in Alaska’s remote and environmentally harsh conditions.

  • Geologic Mapping
  • Terrain Unit Mapping
  • Route Selection Studies
  • Permafrost Evaluation
  • Geotechnical Asset Management
  • Geologic Hazard Assessment
  • Rock Mechanics and Kinematic Analysis
  • Geophysical Surveys (marine and terrestrial)
  • Materials Site Selection and Assessment
  • In-Situ Testing and Instrumentation
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Unstable Slope Evaluation


Geology Team

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