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R&M’s experienced GIS team provides services across the firm’s multiple disciplines to support projects in the viewing, questioning and interpretation of spatial data in ways that reveal trends, patterns and relationships for concept simulation, advanced planning and improved decision making. R&M’s GIS Group specializes in the integration of geospatial data with enterprise-level hardware and software. Having an extensive background in the Esri® ArcGIS suite of software products, R&M offers solutions using the de facto industry leader in GIS technology. Services provided by R&M’s GIS Group include: geodatabase design, data conversion and management, web map services deployment, geospatial data modeling, digital cartography and automated geoprocessing. R&M is a Silver member in the Esri® Partner Network.

Group Manager - GIS Services

Luke Boggess, GISP

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Luke is the Group Manager of GIS Services at R&M. He has more than 14 years of professional experience in GIS and is a Certified GIS Professional. Luke has been responsible for performing many phases of project work, including management, geospatial data collection, acquisition, interpretation and data reviews, data and cartographic standards development and documentation, geospatial data QA/QC compliance, and senior review. He holds an A.S. in General Studies from the University of Alaska Anchorage, an A.S. in General Studies and an Institutional Certificate in Geomatics and Applied Mapping, both from Weber State University, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in GIS and Management from Manchester Metropolitan University. Luke is actively involved in the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, serves as a board member for the Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference, and is a former advisory board member for the Geomatics Department at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

R&M has been tasked with providing, among other services, engineering and geotechnical support for the pre-design, design, planning, and administration for the Bradley Lake Battle Creek Diversion project. GIS support for the project has included development of a FERC 18 CFR 5.6-focused GIS data model, compilation of a standardized GIS database, support for conducting geotechnical field investigations, terrain unit mapping, and land surveys. Additional GIS support has included spatial data, processing, transfer, management, and coordination.
R&M performed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for Launch Pad 3 at the Kodiak Launch Complex. Utilizing existing environmental and design information, R&M developed a GIS database to support the creation of the EA. This included gathering and standardizing available data, performing spatial analysis, and data geoprocessing. R&M generated numerous maps, figures, and data calculations to support review of existing data, describe the effected environment, and analyze environmental consequences associated with constructing and operating a new launch pad. The EA was performed in full NEPA compliance with the goal of providing sufficient information to receive a Finding of No Significant Impact, if so warranted.
R&M provided survey location and spatial data integration services for Doyon Utilities utility assets on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. This included an initial review of the existing Doyon Utilities’ SDSFIE GIS utility asset database. After the review, R&M assembled the data into a usable format for the field data collection effort. R&M used conventional and GPS surveying methods to verify the location of utility assets currently in the database, capture missing assets, and verify the nonexistent assets. Attribute collection, spatial data integration, and metadata documentation was performed in accordance with Doyon GIS Standards.