Taryn Oleson-YelleAICP

Senior Planner

Taryn has 11 years of experience working with Alaskans to improve their quality of life through land use, recreation, transportation and community planning. She is a skilled facilitator and educator who successfully communicates complex technical concepts with the public to develop beneficial, community-supported projects. As a professional planner, Taryn excels in merging results of detailed technical analysis with the vision, goals, and policies of the community to create accurate, actionable plans. She is responsible for conducting land use and community impact assessments; composition of comprehensive, area-specific, master and functional plans; and the research and analysis of adopted code, plans and policies.

Taryn Oleson-Yelle hiking in woods.
B.A. Environmental Policy and Planning, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Certified Planner, American Institute of Certified Planners
Public Participation, International Association for Public Participation
Systematic Development of Informed Consent, Institute for Participatory Management and Planning
American Planning Association
Institute of Transportation Engineers
Industry Experience
11 years
  • What places are on your travel bucket list?
    Norway, Finland and other Scandinavian countries as part of a family 'heritage tour', Italy and Belize. Closer to home, I want to get above the Arctic Circle and do a lower 48-public lands road trip.
  • What are you most likely doing on the weekend?
    Getting in a long day-hike or Nordic ski, walking the dog, watching the sunset from mountain trails, and enjoying good food, drinks and time with friends around a fire.
  • When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    So many different things, from a veterinarian to travel photographer, wedding planner to lawyer, dancer to scientist. But I did know I wanted to meet new people and do something that made an impact on their lives.
  • What is one skill you are currently working on?
    Mixology, reducing my over-packing tenancies and keeping my growing collection of house plants alive.
  • If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
    Can being a fairy godmother be a superpower? Being able to make people's dreams come true with the wave of a wand or flick of the wrist would be incredible.
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