Department Manager - Planning

Van is a certified professional planner with 20 years of experience. She is passionate about helping Alaskan communities realize their future vision for growth and development, transportation needs, land use compatibility and grant funding opportunities. Her experience includes regional planning and MPO long-range transportation plans, Context-Sensitive Solutions (CSS) implementation and project management, as well as area-specific master plans and CIP priorities. Van has been involved in all aspects of local and regional planning, including zoning and regulatory compliance for transportation implementation projects, and inter-agency coordination at the local, regional, state and federal level.

M.S. Environmental Sciences, Alaska Pacific University
B.A. Urban Geography, University of British Columbia
American Institute of Certified Planners, American Planning Association
Public Participation, International Association for Public Participation
Systematic Development of Informed Consent, Institute for Participatory Management
American Planning Association
Institute of Transportation Engineers
International Association for Public Participation
Industry Experience
20 Years
  • What places are on your travel bucket list?
    Australia to visit a friend who moved there from Alaska.
  • What are you most likely doing on the weekend?
    Going to the dog park, watching my son play soccer and cooking.
  • If you weren’t doing your current job, what would be your dream job?
    Film producer or veterinarian.
  • What is one skill you are currently working on?
    Perfecting my singletrack biking.
  • What are your favorite books?
    The Westing Game and Talking to Strangers.
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