Celebrating Bike to Work Day 2018

May 8, 2018

The 2017 R&M Bike to Work Day team.

Anchorage’s annual Bike to Work Day (BTWD) is right around the corner. A highly anticipated event here at R&M, each year our team of riders brave the streets and trails of Anchorage to get their fill at the various treat stations throughout town and some miles in for the 100 Miles in May Challenge.

This year, BTWD is Friday, May 18. R&M will once again host a treat station, as well as a commuter team. An average of 25 people join the R&M team each year, with employees participating on an annual basis. Brian Mullen, PE, a Geotechnical Engineer at R&M, has participated in the event for the past 10 years.

“It might sound crazy, but BTWD changed my life,” said Brian. “The event helped ease my hesitations about biking across the city. 10 years ago I rode my bike to work for the first time after a friend encouraged me to participate in the event, and I was hooked! I have been regularly bike commuting ever since.”

The Feed Zone – R&M’s 2017 Treat Station at 27th Avenue and Arctic Boulevard.

Others enjoy the sense of community BTWD and commuting to work creates.

“Something about bike commuting just makes me feel more a part of the neighborhood, the streetscape and the community,” says Taryn Oleson, a Public Involvement Coordinator at R&M. “BTWD is great because it not only provides something different and rewarding (hello treat stations!) for regular bike commuters, but brings new riders out to explore and enjoy our awesome trail system and community together.”

R&M’s treat station, the Feed Zone, is located at 27th Avenue and Arctic Boulevard in front of the Arctic Bed & Breakfast. We will be serving hot SteamDot Coffee and breakfast bites from Bear Tooth Theaterpub from 6:30 – 9:30 am. We’ll also have information on our current Anchorage transportation projects, including the 27th Avenue Bicycle Boulevard, Midtown Corridor Improvements – Denali Area and the AMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Update, as well as some fun swag.

Team R&M bikers enjoying an in-office coffee bar for BTWD.

In addition to the R&M station, there are 40 other treat stations located throughout town. Many R&Mers plan their BTWD route to hit the best stations.

“My favorite part of BTWD is riding with my wife and a gang of friends and straying off my normal routes to hit the best treat stations,” says Brian. “I would highly recommend riding the Chester Creek Trail between Westchester Lagoon and Lake Otis on the morning of Bike to Work Day. It just might change your life!”

Check out the Treat Station Map to plan your ride and make sure to stop by the R&M treat station!