B Maxwell (website)R&M has carried out a successful intern program for many years. R&M recognizes that on-the-job experience can play an important role in advancing the careers of our future professionals. Internships are an excellent way for R&M to give back – they help students get their careers started and enhance the profession as a whole. Likewise, we understand the value our firm gets from interns through their creativity, energy and curiosity. R&M offers internship opportunities in all disciplines we provide, and focus our intern recruiting efforts on students majoring in those disciplines.

Through our internship program, R&M hopes to create relationships that last well beyond the internship. Many former R&M interns are now permanent employees at R&M or even members of client organizations.

Current internships at R&M are listed below. We welcome your application and look forward to learning more about your interests and aspirations.

To apply for an internship, please submit a cover letter and resume to the e-mail or mailing address below.

Andrea Story
R&M Consultants, Inc.
9101 Vanguard Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99507





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Temporary (Seasonal)