Group Manager - Environmental Services

Kristi has 17 years of environmental consulting experience supporting a wide range of surface transportation, airport, waterfront and aerospace projects. Her strengths include compliance with NEPA, regulatory permit acquisition, agency consultations and stormwater management. Kristi understands the complex regulations and makes compliance a priority for every project to minimize risk, cost, delays and environmental impacts. Wetland identification, assessment and mitigation to support U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permitting is a critical component for most projects and her experience is extensive. Kristi is also highly skilled in assessing and managing contamination, which is particularly valuable for airport projects where  per-and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) contamination is common.

M.S. Environmental Science and Regional Planning, Washington State University
B.S. Conservation Biology, University of Nevada Reno
ADEC Qualified Environmental Professional
EPA Environmental Professional
LEED Accredited Professional Building Design and Construction Specialty
Alaska Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead
40-Hour HAZWOPER/Supervisor

U.S. Green Building Council
National Association of Environmental Professionals
Alaska Association of Environmental Professionals
Industry Experience
17 years
  • What places are on your travel bucket list?
    Scotland (again and again!), New Zealand and Greece.
  • What are you most likely doing on the weekend?
    Avoiding house projects, spending time with the hubby and playing fetch with the pup.
  • What is a fun fact few people know about you?
    I can hoot for owls.
  • What are you curious about?
    Everything! Especially what my dog is thinking and what she dreams about.
  • What is one skill you are currently working on?
    Is patience a skill or a virtue? Whatever it is, I’m working on it.
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