50 Years of Innovating Alaska

January 25, 2019

When Ralph and Mary (R&M) Migliaccio founded R&M Geological Consultants in 1968, as a sole proprietorship, the same year oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay, I am not sure they knew the impact that decision would have on Alaska’s future. In early 1969 Ralph teamed up with James Rooney, PE, James Wellman, PE and Malcolm Menzies PLS/PE to form R&M Engineering & Geological Consultants now known as R&M Consultants, Inc., to provide geotechnical, engineering and surveying for the 800-mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline system. R&M continues to provide a wide range of professional services in the unique Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions of Alaska. These first partners saw the value in building diverse expertise to meet the needs of a growing Alaska and after 50 years, I am sure we have accomplished more than the founders ever expected in our 50 years of professional practice.

As we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of R&M, I feel proud when I look back at the journey of these significant and remarkable years. R&M has been involved in most of the momentous projects that helped shape our state and we have emerged as one of the top home-grown professional services firm in Alaska.

So, while it is fun to look back at where we came from, it is equally exciting to look forward. R&M has always attracted individuals with entrepreneurial spirit, technical leadership, and ability to create clear solutions to complex problems. These values have remained constant even as the company has grown over the past 50 years.

R&M is all about the people and we have been fortunate to attract an incredible assortment of dedicated and highly technical professionals who have a passion and care for their work with a desire to work hard in a team setting. Our people are the foundation of our company and our culture. Their excitement about the complex work we do and passion for providing innovative solutions and client care makes R&M an extraordinary place to work. I am grateful to have had and continue to work with so many amazing people that look forward to having a challenging, stimulating and exciting experience working together for many years to come.

For more than 50 years, R&M has been blessed with great success. In terms of professional achievement, we stand apart and above other firms. I am proud that we are highly respected and widely known for unfailing integrity, superb service and value that was established by our founder. Through the years, we’ve completed thousands of diverse projects and have employed many highly skilled professionals who have contributed their technical knowledge and proficiency and long-term dedication to the company.

Thanks to all our employees, past and present, clients and partners for the past 50 years of success. We aspire to make a difference with you over the next 50 years.

Len Story, PLS
Chief Executive Officer