Special Inspection

Special Inspection R&M has been an industry leader in special inspection services since 1970 for public and private clients. The experience level of R&M’s special inspectors allows us to provide typical and specialized inspection services. Typical inspections include soils, drilled pier and driven pile foundations, concrete anchors, racking, fireproofing, reinforcing steel, structural concrete and masonry. Inspections requiring advanced training include pre-tensioned precast concrete, post tension concrete, ready mix plant inspections, commercial building inspections and air barrier inspections. Our inspectors have substantial experience on site and classroom training. This allows them to communicate efficiently with contractors, engineers and the project team. R&M inspectors have repeatedly saved projects significant time and money by noting potential design deficiencies and raising concerns prior to construction.

Senior Special Inspector

Lenny Peirce, ICC


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Lenny has more than 37 years of construction inspection experience on large-scale projects. Lenny has been a member of the R&M team since 1990, and actively performs
inspections on the firm’s most visible projects. He has experience inspecting structural construction operations for many major contractors and engineers on a variety of projects. He fosters a teamwork approach on all projects he is involved in and is well respected within Alaska’s engineering community as an asset to the R&M team. Lenny is experienced in a variety of testing and inspection procedures, including laboratory soils and aggregate analysis, pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, structural masonry, welds and steel.

R&M has provided special inspection and materials sampling and testing services to the Anchorage School District since 1995 under a number of consecutive term contracts. Our work has included concrete, masonry, EIFS, asphalt, steel structural members, welds, fire proofing and materials sampling and testing for a variety of school renovation, addition, maintenance and new construction projects. R&M has consistently demonstrated our ability to be responsive to the District’s needs.
In 2010, R&M was awarded a second consecutive term agreement to provide special inspection services for construction materials and workmanship as required by the ICC and IBC Chapter 17 on construction projects for the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities. R&M performs these inspections, along with materials sampling and testing, as required on individual construction sites or manufacturer’s facilities. Tests not able to be performed in the field (e.g. concrete strength samples or fireproofing density samples) are tested at R&M’s central laboratory.
In 2010, R&M was awarded a term agreement to provide special inspection and testing services during fabrication of girders in Anchorage for use in Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities projects statewide. R&M performs concrete inspection, sampling and testing in accordance with the appropriate Alaska Test Methods, WAQTC, American Association of State Highway Transportation and American Society of Testing and Materials standards, at frequencies determined within the Department’s Construction Manual or by individual project requirements.