Mike YunkerCESCL

Senior Engineering Associate

Mike has a total of 35 years of construction inspection experience, and more than 20 years of experience in Alaska, inspecting various large and small-scale projects throughout the state. He is a very competent senior inspector for utilities, roadways and building construction. Mike understands the need and has the ability to clearly communicate with contractors, engineers and owners to quickly and effectively resolve potential situations that may result in job delays and/or cost overruns. He has an excellent reputation with agency staff, helping to expedite inspections and keep jobs progressing.

Municipality of Anchorage Approved Special Inspector: Architectural Components; Concrete; High Strength Bolts; Drilled-In Concrete Anchors; Masonry; Soils; Spray Applied Fireproofing; Wood; Steel; Racks and Access Floors; Pile Foundations; Elec/Mech Components.
American Concrete Institute: Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade 1
International Code Council Certified Special Inspector: Reinforced Concrete; Spray-Applied Fireproofing; Soils; Structural Masonry.
American Portable Nuclear Gauge Association Nuclear Gauge Safety Certified
American Concrete Institute
International Conference of Building Officials
Industry Experience
35 years