Peter Smith, WAQTC Joins R&M’s Construction Services Department

August 1, 2022

Peter Smith, WAQTC recently joined R&M as an Engineering Associate in the firm’s Construction Services Department. Peter will perform field inspections and materials testing for public infrastructure projects throughout Alaska. He will also support R&M’s Anchorage Materials Laboratory staff.

“Peter brings an in-depth knowledge of sampling and testing Alaska’s construction materials,” said Paul Hetzel, PE, Vice President of R&M’s Construction Services Department. “His application and experience with test procedures is an asset to any project.”

Peter has eight years of experience in materials testing. He is a lifelong Alaskan and is experienced in traveling and working in remote locations. Prior to joining R&M, Peter served as a materials lab technician for DOT&PF’s Central Region Materials Lab. He has performed testing on all types of road and airport construction materials, including concrete, cement, aggregate and soils. Since joining the R&M team, Peter has supported several testing projects, including the Dalton Highway MP 289-305 Rehabilitation and Port of Nome Modifications Phase I. He is knowledgeable about specifications, plans, contracts, accreditation, documentation, reporting and other materials project requirements.

Peter has a M.A in German Languages & Literature from Johannes Gutenburg Universitat, Mainz, Germany and a B.A. in Languages (German) from the University of Alaska Anchorage. He is Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction (WAQTC) Qualified; NICET Level II Certified in Asphalt, Concrete and Soils; and ACI Certified in Aggregate, Concrete Strength, Concrete Field and Concrete Laboratory Testing