Meet R&M: Project Engineer Greg Shearer, PE, CISEC

June 2, 2017

Meet Greg Shearer, PE, CISEC! Greg is a Project Engineer in R&M’s Construction Administration Department and has been with the firm for eight years. He has nine years of experience serving as project engineer, office engineer, paving inspector, grade inspector and SWPPP inspector on airport, roadway, bridge and marine construction projects for DOT&PF and other public clients.

Greg is currently working on Phase I of the Seward Marine Industrial Center Improvements, where he is providing onsite inspections and materials testing for the upgrades to the harbor facilities. He is also currently assisting with the construction administration of the Chignik Public Dock Project for DOT&PF. He is responsible for ensuring materials and work incorporated into the facility meets construction contract requirements, coordinating with Project Managers and the Designers of Record regarding project status and activities, and ensuring documentation of construction operations conform to DOT&PF policies and procedures. His other recent projects include several construction projects on Prince of Wales Island, the Glenn Highway Capacity Improvements Design/Build, Bethel Airport Pavement Rehabilitation and the Johns Road Improvements Project.

Why civil engineering?

I always planned on being an engineer. I enjoy creating and building things. As a little kid my favorite toys to play with were building blocks. As I grew older, I went from building blocks to Legos and from Legos to building things for my family. Sometime around the point that my father had me slaving away build him a retaining wall for the yard, he noticed I enjoyed constructing stuff and suggested I look into engineering for a career. At that point I knew engineering was probably where I wanted to be and have been doing it ever since.

What do you love about being an engineer?

I love working in the field and being able to turn a project from design to reality. When at the end of the day you can turn around and see something tangible, that you helped build, that gives you a real sense of accomplishment.

Greg on-site at the Glenn Highway Capacity Improvements
Design/Build project in Eagle River.

What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on?

My favorite is the Glenn Highway Capacity Improvements Design/Build. This was the largest infrastructure project I’ve ever worked on and a very recognizable landmark. The project constructed a new bridge and realigned the highway between Hiland and Artillery Road in Eagle River, decreasing the grade of “Break light Hill” to make it safer and adding another lane to increase traffic capacity. Most people in Alaska have driven across this portion of the Glenn at some point. It was a very complex and demanding project and required the largest cranes and concrete girders of any project I’ve been on.

How did you end up at R&M?

Bret Coburn, R&M’s Chief Financial Officer, was my neighbor growing up. He knew I was going to school for civil engineering and suggested I submit my resume there. I did and was hired for a temporary position as a ticket taker for a road construction project in Hope. After the Hope project finished paving, I came back and worked in R&M’s lab for the rest of the summer.

After graduating from college, I wanted to try something different so I went to work for contractors for a couple years. It wasn’t for me so I came back to R&M. The thing I like about working in construction administration is when you’re providing inspections and quality control on projects, you’re working to ensure the project is done right.

Are you from Alaska? What do you like about this state?

I was born and raised in Anchorage. It’s where my family is. I love the open outdoors and beautiful summers, when I actually get the chance to enjoy them since I’m usually out on a project site. There are so many things to do outside.

Greg and the R&M hockey team.

What do you do for fun?

Growing up I always played hockey, and when I get a chance I still look to lace up some skates and get out on the rink. This year I was fortunate enough to join the R&M hockey team. Besides finishing in the top of the league for the fall and spring session, it has been a great time being able to have some comaraderie with individuals from other departments that I might not otherwise see, due to our work and life schedules.

When I have the opportunity, I also enjoy doing some carpentry work. Last Christmas, I made some end-grain cutting boards for some friends and family from the birch off of my father’s farm in Talkeetna.

Favorite sports team?

All things Boston. My mother’s family is from Rhode Island, so I grew up supporting the Boston teams. For college sports, I’m a big fan of The Ohio State. My family is pretty much all Ohio State Alumni.