Christopher Fell Earns CPG Certification

August 28, 2015
R&M’s Christopher Fell, LG, CPG has earned his Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) certification. The CPG certification is administered by the American Institute of Professional Geologists, an association dedicated to promoting geology as a profession. This certification recognizes geologists with the relevant education, training and eight or more years of experience in the study of the earth, and who are engaged in the investigation and evaluation of earth materials and fluids and geologic processes. “I pursued certification for myself and to lend credibility to my support of geology related projects,” said Chris. “It took eight years to obtain my CPG and I encourage anyone that wants to pursue geology as a profession to obtain the certification.” Chris is a Senior Geologist in R&M’s Earth Sciences Department. He has 11 years of experience performing environmental and geotechnical projects for private and public clients. Chris has extensive field experience conducting environmental and geotechnical investigations, environmental site characterization and remediation, CERLCA investigations and developing GIS model cataloging excavation, sampling and analytical data to assist in remedial projects. His involvement on projects throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest provide him with considerable experience confronting the widely variable challenges associated with project execution on and off the road system. Chris’s experience also includes managing technical portions of projects, developing cost estimates and material site investigations. He is currently the project and field lead for projects investigating the environmental impacts of subsurface contamination in several small Southeast Alaska communities, is performing field inspection and reporting on the status of unstable slopes along the Dalton Highway, and providing geologic/GIS quality control and assurance for terrain unit mapping in Southcentral and Northern Alaska. Chris has a B.S. in Geology from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. He spends a lot of time outdoors while his two kids run around the back yard and help tend the garden as him and his wife attempt to eliminate as much of their yard as possible. Chris enjoys ice climbing, off-trail backpacking and woodworking in his spare time.