Bret Coburn and Jim Robar, PLS Retire from R&M Consultants, Inc.

January 27, 2019


Bret Coburn, R&M’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Jim Robar, PLS, a Senior Land Surveyor in the firm’s Geomatics Department, have retired from R&M Consultants, Inc. (R&M).

Bret’s career included more than 34 years of involvement in professional services, land development, construction and finance. He joined R&M in 2002, serving as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer with responsibility for oversight of administrative and financial functions until 2014. In 2014, Bret moved into his current role of CFO and continued to manage financial matters. He also served as Vice President of R&M’s Board of Directors. During his time at R&M, Bret managed the firm’s safety and adopt-a-road programs.

“I’m truly grateful I had the opportunity to work with the talented professionals at R&M. It’s nice to work with people who care about what they do, and I believe our work has made a difference in the lives of our fellow Alaskans,” said Bret. “During my time at R&M, the firm completed literally thousands of infrastructure-related projects. I believe R&M has had a positive impact within the communities where we’ve worked. I’m honored to have been part of is this effort.”


Jim has been with R&M since 2008. He participated in many highway, street, airport and utility design projects over his 43-year career, contributing to numerous essential Alaskan infrastructure projects. His work included performing as party chief and completing projects from “field to final mapping.” These projects include the Seward Highway Right-of-Way Study, Danby-Wembly Roundabout, Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project, many cadastral surveys and numerous aeronautical surveys for airports throughout Alaska.

“I really enjoyed working with R&M and helping improve some of Alaska’s major infrastructure systems,” said Jim. “We have a great team and I will miss working with everyone while relaxing on a beach in Hawaii.” Bret plans to spend more time with his family, travel, take care of his animals and continue to work with the kids at the Alaska Boxing Academy. He’s also taking piano lessons and may take on some welding or construction projects to keep himself busy.

Jim is spending his retirement traveling back and forth between Hawaii and Alaska and enjoying the best of both locations.