Alex Brown Joins R&M’s Earth Sciences Department

February 5, 2020
Alex Brown

Alex Brown, WAQTC recently transferred into R&M’s Earth Sciences Department. As a Geologist, Alex will be responsible for subsurface investigation and site characterizations, materials site assessments, geologic mapping, engineering geology, aerial photo interpretation and geotechnical/environmental site investigations.

“I joined R&M because it seemed like a great local business in terms of its relationship with the communities it works with, and like a safe and lucrative long-term option for my career,” said Alex. “I always wanted to apply my knowledge and skills in practical ways with tangible results, and R&M allows me to do exactly that.”

Alex originally joined R&M in May 2019 as a Materials Technician in the firm’s Materials Laboratory. In this role, he provided field inspections, materials testing, sample logging, density testing, and gradation and concrete testing for airport and highway improvement projects. With his interest and education in geology, Alex was a perfect fit for transfer into R&M’s Earth Sciences Department. He moved into this new role at the conclusion of the 2019 construction season.

Alex Brown - Geologist

Since moving into Earth Sciences, Alex has been involved with geotechnical investigations for the Dalton Highway MP 18-37 project, including assisting with materials sampling and drilling operations. In addition, he’s assisted with materials testing and other miscellaneous tasks for a variety of infrastructure and environmental projects.

“I’ve really come to appreciate how much R&M looks after its employees,” said Alex. “Never have I had such a trusting support system with a job, and relatively speaking, they go above and beyond with employee benefits and pay. I also really admire that most people within R&M seem to emphasize the importance of putting out our absolute best work possible, and I see this pay off with our clients.”

Alex has a B.S. in Geological Sciences from the University of Alaska Anchorage. In his free time, he loves to be outside with his dog, preferably hiking somewhere in the Chugach. Alex also enjoys backpacking, mountain biking and playing ultimate frisbee. In the winter, you’ll most likely find him playing video games, reading books or catching up with friends (all with the pup, naturally).